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Kadivar Residential

Typology: Residential 

Location: Alley Kadivar, Mirza shirazi Blvd, Shiraz

Year: 2023

Status: Under Construction

Area: 4700 sqm

Client: Private

Principal Architect: Shahram Farjadian, Sahand Mosallaei

The past fragmented culture has shaped the concept of the project, which represents the explosion in reverse. The particles of this fragmentation have been rearranged in a way to construct a complex which is totally new.

The project symbolically depicts the origination of a mass which did not exist before, from the context of ruins and because of its unfinished and flexible shape it freely provides the chance to be expanded and developed, based on the future necessities.

Skan Light

Typology: Product Design 

Family: Ceiling-Mounted Lights

Year: 2017

Status: Design Study

Size: (H) 22 cm, (L) 160 cm

Material: Aluminium, Bronze, Glass

Designers: Shahram Farjadian, Sahand Mosallaei